Our bespoke online alloy wheel powder coating production line process is unlike conventional box ovens.

Our Processes using online system ensures each wheel reaches the optimum temperature for the correct amount of time. This allows us in most cases to use the same paints, powders and lacquers used by the manufacturers.

Stage 1

Inspection and preparation prior to refurbishment

  • If your wheels have tyres we inspect for wear or damage and mark with a unique customer job number (and positioning on car if present).
  • The tyre weights and valve are removed from the wheel and marked with customer job number.

Stage 2

Removing old coating back to bare metal

  • The old paint and lacquer is removed from the wheel using heated eco-friendly stripping system this will enable us to provide the correct key on the surface for the primer, paint and lacquer processes.

Stage 3

Repair to damage on surface of wheel

  • Removal of light scuffs.
  • Repairs requiring welding on the surface of the wheel, repair of cracks and wheel straightening are carried out with prior agreement from the customer.

Stage 4

Shot blasting

  • The wheel is blasted in our automated shot blaster.
  • This will give the correct even keyed surface (font and back) for the new coatings, which is difficult to achieve in a hand blast cabinet.

Stage 5

Priming the wheel and degassing

  • The wheel is placed on a online conveyer system, when passing through the oven any trapped air is removed from the wheel prior to applying the primer.
  • The primer is then applied to the wheel. It then re-enters the oven to ensure curing has been completed.
  • A quality check takes place before the next stage.

Stage 6

Colour and lacquer application

  • Still on the online conveyer system the wheel enters the second paint booth.
  • The wheel is spray painted to the colour selected by the customer.
  • The painted wheel then receives all over coating of acrylic powder lacquer (powder lacquers are highly durable).
  • The wheel enters the second oven and is baked for the final time. A final inspection takes place once the wheel is cool.

Stage 7

If you have Diamond cut wheels

  • The wheel is taken off the online conveyer system after it has been spray painted to the colour selected by the customer in stage 6.
  • It is placed in the CNC lathe where the face will be skimmed to create the diamond cut finish after a pattern is taken.
  • Once this part of the process is finished the wheel is returned to the online system for lacquering.

Stage 8

Refitting tyres and balancing (wheels with tyres only)

  • New rubber valve is fitted except where there is a sensor or metal valve this is re-used (where possible) and the tyre refitted to the wheel.
  • Using stick on weights on the inside of the wheel, the wheel and tyre is balanced. Customers who are leaving their car with us, the refurbished wheel(s) are fitted to the car and torqued up.